Saturday, May 24, 2008

First day of work!!

Wow! I am a horrible blogger! I haven't posted in quite some time even with big changes and milestones that have happened since I posted last. My thesis presentation was successful and most importantly I have a new job. No more snakes and lizards! (this is not true, I saw 2 snakes this week). My new job is pretty much like my old one but better pay and more responsibility!

My first day of work was on April 28th! My new boss, Judy put roses and strawberries on my desk and also took me to a thai restaurant for lunch. She is so nice.

My new company, Mosaic Associates, is rather small. I am 1 of 3 people on staff. Since we are so small I am able to work on permits and proposals and other things I was not able to do at my last position. I am really excited about my new job.

I don't really have many exciting photos of my coworkers or project sites, but I did see some wildlife. Here is a photo of Microtus sp.
Here is a photo of a real rose, Rosa californica. Note the lack of gaudiness.
One of the snakes I observed this week was in pieces. Sick! It was a gopher snake.
I also found a pheasant nest. I had an instant craving for an omelet!
I also came across a jackrabbit. Look at those big ears!!!
I promise I will post more often. I also promise to have a more exciting blog. To all 6 of my readers, I apologize that my blog sucks these days!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

its over....

I defended today. Surreal. I am so excited it is over. I still need to finish my paper but that should be quick.
Sorry about the lack of material. I have been busy working on my talk I haven't had time to blog.
more updates soon.